Double-Band Workout

IMG_5460.JPGTeaching mostly barre-type classes, we utilize the resistance band quite frequently. And, at times, we will use two at a time, which is deceptively effective.  Something so small can achieve serious results.

If you missed my first band post here, check it out.  Try these few moves with the original and some cardio, and you’ll have yourself a sweaty-good workout.

IMG_5456.JPGIf you want to purchase some bands of your own, there are several levels of resistance.  I recommend you buy a variety of resistance levels for different moves.  FYI, the thicker the band, the harder the resistance.  Thus, the harder you have to work.IMG_5462.JPGThe first move is squat walks.  To do this, place a thicker band on thighs above knees and slightly thinner band around mid-calves.  Squat down as low as you can and step to the right, staying in a squat.  Walk right for eight reps and then hold down and pulse for 16.  Squat and walk to the left and then hold and pulse for 16. IMG_5463.JPGIMG_5465.JPGIMG_5466.JPGThe next move is a combination move that is a killer for glutes and quads.  I’m going to call it combo squat lunges. To do this, keep bands the same as above and squat down.  In a squat, step right foot out to the side then back in.  Step right foot back into a lunge and back in.  Make sure you are staying low, with knees bent the whole time.  Start out doing 8 reps slow and then speed them up for 16 reps.  Your glutes will be on FIRE! Repeat on the left.IMG_5470.JPGIMG_5472.JPGIMG_5473.JPGIMG_5474.JPGIMG_5479.JPGIMG_5484.JPGThe next move is a side leg lift.  This will work inner and outer thighs along with glutes and hips.  With bands the same as above two moves, slightly bend left knee as you lift right leg to the side.  Make sure torso is still, shoulders are rolled back, head is tall and core is tight. Lift for 8 reps and then hold up and pulse for 16.  Lift for 8 bottom halves and pulse for 16.  Lift for upper halves and pulse for 16. Finally, lift for 8 more full reps with 16 pulses.  OUCH!  Repeat on the left.  Are you cursing my name yet?IMG_5482.JPGIMG_5483.JPGThe next move is  going to work legs and core.  I will call these wide leg reaches.  Swap the thicker band with the thinner band.  Lying on your back, lift and open legs, lifting head, neck and shoulder blades off the floor. As you widen legs, press arms through the opening between legs.  Do this for 8 reps and hold and pulse everything (legs and arms) for 16.  Do this 3 times. IMG_5488.JPGIMG_5494.JPGIMG_5491Next move, lying side leg lifts.  Keeping the bands the same, lie down on your side and lift and lower legs for 8 reps.  Hold up and pulse for 16.  Do 8 upper halves and pulse for 16.  Do 8 lower halves and pulse for 16.  Finally, do 8 more full reps and pulse for 16.  This will focus on inner and outer thighs along with hips and glutes. IMG_5495IMG_5498.JPGSo, for the next move, switch your bands again for an open and close bridge lift.  This will focus on the glutes, inner and outer thigh.  Thicker band should be above knees and thinner band around calves.  Lie down on your back with knees bent.  Make sure you get your heels close to your butt.  Drive your palms into the floor and lift hips up into a bridge.  Squeeze glutes as you lift.  Lift and lower hips for 8 reps and hold up for 16 pulses.  Lift and open and close legs and then lower down for 8 reps and hold up and out and pulse everything for 16.  Do all of this twice.   IMG_5499.JPGIMG_5500.JPGIMG_5501.JPGFor arms, double up the bands. IMG_5504.JPGPlace thicker around biceps and thinner around wrists.  Hinge at the hips at a 45 degree angle.  Open and close for 8 reps and then pulse out for 16.IMG_5505.JPGBend elbows and place thinner band around hands, thumbs sticking out.  With elbows still, drive thumbs away from each other and back in for 8 reps and 16 pulses.IMG_5508.JPGWith both bands around wrists, turn hands out to the side and pull bands out and back to work the triceps. Do 8 full reps and 16 pulses.

I hope you try one or more of these move.  They will BITE!



Bands:  Resistance Band Set

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