My Recent Favorite Workout Outfit

IMG_6074.JPGWhen I travel with Rourke to Little Rock, I love, love, love getting my headphones on, some good tunes playing and having a long run along the riverfront.

Little Rock really did it right.  The area is clean, beautiful and safe with tons to do.

There are splash pads, an amphitheater, a “discovery center,” playgrounds, walking bridges and plenty of flora and fauna.  For an exercise enthusiast, there are tons of steps to go up and down, too!

Recently, I have found my favorite workout outfit to be this one.  And, can I please add…IT IS ALL ON SALE NOW!!! (I love bargains!)

The top not only holds everything up and in, but it is so comfortable.  It is perfect for yoga, inverted exercises or jumping jacks, if you want your belly to stay hidden. And, mostly, I just love the cheetah print.

The pants are cropped, so they are not too, too hot. And, you know black has that slimming effect.

My Brooks running shoes are my faves.  I can’t find a pair that I have not liked.  This pair has a little glittery sparkle to them.  So, when I am running errands after class, I don’t feel like I’m totally dressing down.IMG_6067.JPGIMG_6069.JPGIMG_6070.JPGIMG_6066.JPGIMG_6071.JPGIMG_6056.JPGIMG_6059.JPGIMG_6061.JPGIMG_6078.JPGIMG_6076.JPGIMG_6075.JPGIMG_6079.JPGIMG_6080.JPG

I’m getting my “Rocky” on!

Do you have any workout favorites?  Please do tell!



Outfit details:  Stella McCartney for Adidas top (TTS)//similar pant (TTS)//running shoes (on sale)//wireless headphones (on sale)//watch (on sale)

HNOTD:  Sick Dog Treated Like Royalty By Restaurant Staff Before Being Put Down

(Get the Kleenex)

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