Sandestin Resort

IMG_6218.JPGWhen Hayley was in college, she spent a summer working at Sandestin for her internship in fashion merchandising/marketing.  She and I packed her up and travelled the 10 hours to the Destin, Florida area to get her settled that Memorial Day.  She stayed and worked all the way to Labor Day.

We got her settled in her apartment, warranting several trips to the local Wal-mart of course. Afterwards, we went on a mission to check everything out. IMG_6144.JPG

We started out with a trip to Baytowne Wharf, which is a fun-filled area in the Sandestin Resort, with something for every age.  There are shops, restaurants, bars, live entertainment, a zip-line, a carousel among other things. IMG_6149.JPGIMG_6150.JPG

(Picture above:  where Hayley worked all that summer.)

Rourke met us the next day, so I rented us a studio-style condo in a place right on the beach. We could finish out our Memorial Day weekend in full beach-mode.  Ever since then, it has been one of our favorite destination spots.

Here are all the details about this vacation destination:fullsizeoutput_439b.jpeg(Our most recent studio-style condo overlooking the beach.). It came with a full kitchen, bathroom, closet and washer/dryer.fullsizeoutput_439e.jpegIMG_6202.JPG(Most recent view from our balcony.)

This past Labor Day, we took another trip back down, and it did not disappoint.  It felt like a true vacation, because we did not even have to get into our car after checking in.  We didn’t cook, clean or even set up a tent/chairs on the beach.  It was true relaxation at its best!

The beauty of staying at the resort is the free shuttle that runs frequently from one end of the resort to another.  If you wanted to play golf, tennis, ride the free bikes or paddle around in the free kayaks included, all you do is wait outside your building. A tram will be by shortly to carry you on your way.  


Of course, you can also rent a golf cart to get around if so desired.

At the Marina, you can rent boats, jet skis, kayaks and bikes. IMG_2501.JPGIMG_2504.JPGIMG_2503.JPG

There are pools available with most accommodations, and free access to the fitness center is also included with your rental.  And, did I mention that there is a SPA?


There are restaurants not only at Baytowne Wharf but also at the Marina and on the beach.  IMG_6184.JPGIMG_6174.JPGIMG_6173.JPG

(Above:  Eating on the water on our most recent trip.  One of favorite things to do!)IMG_2505.JPGIMG_2506.JPGIMG_2509.JPG

We love going to The Beach House, right on the beach on many occasions, which is very casual, to grab a bite in our swim cover ups.

The Hilton Hotel on site also has many dining options right off the beach.

Accommodations are aplenty on the beach, on the bay and everywhere in-between.  Plus, they are always having special discounts when you book.

The chairs and umbrella services among the other water sports rentals available make the beach vacation complete.  All you need to bring is a swimsuit and some sunscreen. IMG_6215.JPGIMG_6219.JPGIMG_6213.JPGIMG_6214.JPGAND how could I forget to mention THE WATER???!!!!!  Probably comparable to the Caribbean!

So, if you are looking for a family vacation with something for everyone, Sandestin Resort has you covered.



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