October’s Cookbook of the Month Club


Welcome to our second edition of our Cookbook Club of the Month.  For October, we are reading and cooking our way through Canal House’s Cook Something Recipes to Rely On.

If you are unfamiliar with Canal House, it is a collaboration of two women, Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer, who bought a cottage/studio to cook and write cookbooks. That studio has grown and now houses a cafe, too.  (#ifeelagirlstripcoming on)

They also have a blog and a have received the James Beard Cookbook Award. They come with many years of cooking experience, even working at Saveur Magazine.

In reading the latest Canal House cookbook, the authors convey to me the importance of home cooking and sitting down with family to share a meal.  Through beautiful pictures, illustrations and writing, these two show you how simple even the most elegant dish can be to make.



The cookbook is divided into sections:  Eggs (48 pages)(those with chickens, HELLO!), Good Beginnings, Soup, Salads, Italian Gems, Fishies, Chickens and Other Birds, Braises & Stews, Ground Meat, Grilling, Vegetables, and Sweeties.

Come join us this month in reading and discovering your inner chef!  Please post pics on social media and tag us if you do!



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