Holiday Gift Basket DIY

fullsizeoutput_461cWith the holidays coming up, we all love to send our friends and families boxes of fruit or cheese, nuts or  chocolates, or whatever.

But for those friends/families out of state, I thought it would be nice to send them a gift basket that you made instead.  And, to boot, how about one stuffed with items from your own home state?  Especially, with things they can’t get or know where to get where they live.

Here I have made one for you!

I always start with a color scheme. Here I am using green, red and yellow.  I then went shopping for things that I could put in my basket with those colors in them.fullsizeoutput_460b.jpeg

I found some hot sauce, beignet mix, coffee, Cajun spices and potato chips all made in Louisiana. fullsizeoutput_4610.jpegfullsizeoutput_4611.jpeg

I then went in search of a container for my prizes.  I found this one at Target. (You don’t one too big or too small.  I usually brings items with me to make sure they all fit snuggly into the container.)fullsizeoutput_4612.jpegfullsizeoutput_4614.jpeg

I decided on a filler.  I chose tissue paper.  You could also use this or this.  I layered the tissue paper down in the basket, allowing the corners to show.fullsizeoutput_4616.jpeg

Now it was time to arrange my basket. I then placed the two larger items into the basket towards the back. fullsizeoutput_4617.jpegfullsizeoutput_4619.jpeg

I stuffed the smaller items in between the larger ones. IMG_7434.JPGfullsizeoutput_461d.jpeg

Then I tied a bow around it and was done!  Wouldn’t you enjoy one of these?  I would!!

Details:  basket//beignet mix//Cajun spices//coffee//hot sauce// similar ribbon//tissue paper



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