Thanksgiving Timeline and Menu


I sometimes get overwhelmed when hosting a big event.  And, I definitely consider Thanksgiving a big event.  I do better when I make myself a timeline as a guide.

So, I thought for my benefit and yours that I would share this year’s timeline plus give a few tips.

I am also attempting to provide a gluten-free meal, so I am adding our menu to the mix, too.

Come check it out!

fullsizeoutput_4626Thanksgiving Timeline

Sunday:  Go to the grocery store to buy everything you need for the “Big Day.”  You do not want to wait and go on Wednesday!

(My latest grocery list/store hack…I use my local grocer’s phone app to keep a running grocery list of what I need.  When I think of something new, I just add it to the list.  For produce, I add in the special instructions section that I want the freshest possible.  Same goes for meat.

When I am done, I just click “purchase” and schedule a pick up time.  I then go wait in the pick up line, and they deliver my groceries right to my car.  No waiting in long lines or dodging people in aisles.)

Monday:  Defrost turkey in a large cooler of ice.  Make any casseroles.  Freeze those with meat, and refrigerate those with only vegetables.

Tuesday:  Steam and/or iron linens.  Polish silver.  Wash serving pieces.  Set tables and tidy up.

Wednesday:  Chill wine and beverages.  Defrost casseroles.  Make desserts.

Thursday:  Roast turkey in an electric roaster.  Make slow-cooker mashed potatoes.  Grill green bean bundles and breads.  Make Brussel sprouts, Mac-n-cheese, sweet potatoes and gravy on the stovetop.  Bake casseroles.

While turkey is resting, prepare food, pour beverages, and light candles.

Carve turkey, say blessing and EAT!


A Few Tips:

Delegate, delegate, delegate!  People really do enjoy helping.  Plus, it beats just standing around.

Serve breakfast and leftovers on paper goods.  Keep a large basket filled with plenty of paper napkins, napkins, utensils and cups for guests to use at leisure.

Keep a large beverage container filled with plenty of ice and drinks.  Tell guests to “help themselves.”  This keeps you from having to constantly retrieve drinks for people.

Keep large garbage bags around hanging on doorknobs.  This keeps you from having to constantly take out the trash.

Smile and relax.  Perfection is not a thing but good times are. Embrace mishaps….laugh them off and enjoy them as good conversation pieces.

Remember this holiday is about blessings.  Yes, it is focused around food, but the true blessings are friends and families.  Enjoy them!


Our Menu:

Turkey Injected and Roasted

Cornbread Dressing, mom’s recipe

Green Bean Bundles

Slow-cooker Mashed Potatoes

Butternut Squash Mac-n-cheese, using GF noodles

Whipped Sweet Potatoes -just boiled, drained, and whipped with butter.

Spinach Madeline (recipe in my head, maybe a future blog post?)

Cacio E Pepe Brussel Sprouts

Gravy- using drippings, add flour and whisk over medium heat.  Slowly add stock. Cook until thickened.

Rolls and GF bread served with herbed butter

Pumpkin Cheesecake with GF Crust



Hopefully, this will ease your burden slightly and give you some piece of mind.  It did me, anyway!fullsizeoutput_4624

What are you planning on serving on the “big day?”



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