Fancy Bow DIY


IMG_7732Hayley is well-known for her ribbon-tying abilities.  Her bows are definitely showstoppers for any present.  So, she came over after work one evening to give us all a tutorial for our own gift-wrapping endeavors!

Here’s what she did to make this gift even more beautiful!!!IMG_7740.JPG

Prior to making the bow, Hayley wrapped the present with ribbon vertically and horizontally and tying a knot.  She left two rather long strands of ribbon coming from the knot to be used later.

For the bow:

Starting with several long strands of different-colored ribbon, she made figure eights with one hand, holding the middle of the loops with the other hand.IMG_7741.JPGIMG_7742.JPGShe another figure eight on top of the first.IMG_7743.JPGIMG_7744.JPG

And, then she made one more figure eight on top of those two.IMG_7681.JPGShe then used the long ends of tied ribbon from the gift box to tie a knot around the group of figure eights.IMG_7682.JPGIMG_7688.JPGIMG_7690.JPGShe cut several smaller pieces of contrasting ribbon and tied on top of the larger bow.IMG_7691.JPGIMG_7692.JPGIMG_7696.JPGShe bent each end of ribbon and cut at a diagonal to make two points.IMG_7697.JPGIMG_7698.JPGIMG_7699.JPGIMG_7701.JPGIMG_7702.JPGShe then “fluffs” the finished product with her hands by pushing the bow in toward the center.IMG_7710.JPG She said she likes to use stickers for her gift tags to secure the box ribbon down to the gift.IMG_7717.JPGIMG_7720.JPGIMG_7722.JPGIMG_7731.JPGIMG_7738.JPGBeautiful!!!

Details: Shotgun Wrapping Paper//Green Ribbon//Gift Tag Stickers//Similar Red Stripe Ribbon//Similar Mixed Curling Ribbon

If you missed my gift wrapping DIY, you can check out the post How to Wrap a Present the “Dillard’s Way”.



HNOTD:  Secret Santa Helpers

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