Holiday Hustle Workout


With most gyms closing around the holidays, we have to still get our workouts in, right? Well, by enlisting your family members to participate, how about a circuit workout right in your back yard? An adult obstacle course, if you may. Grab the kids, too!

We offer a circuit-style workout at one of the gyms I work.  For Christmas, I made a Christmas workout playlist and put together some exercises with a little holiday flair.  I set up the studio for people to move easily from one exercise to another.  I like to pattern about 3 cardio moves and one strength move.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 8.05.54 PM.png

I use this app to set 4 rounds of 15 circuit stations.  I usually set it for 35 seconds at each station with a 15 second rest in between.  At the end of each round, I set the timer with a 1 minute rest.  People can get water and towel off.

I write each exercise on a notecard or sticky note.  I add numbers to each to show the order of the workout (#1 being first-#15 being last).

If you don’t have equipment, use water bottles. They can be used in lieu of weights and cones.


Check out and download my Christmas workout playlist below:

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 8.13.07 AM.png

Christmas Workout Playlist

Here are some of the moves we did for our Christmas circuit:  

“Snowflake Jumps”- Star jumps


“Climbing the Chimney”-high knees with climbing armsIMG_7867.JPG“Blitzen Biceps”- bicep curls or extensionsIMG_7847.JPGIMG_7848.JPG“Black Friday Dash”-suicides

“Rudolph Run”-sprints

“Sitting in Santa’s Lap”-wall sits (for an extra challenge, try to lift one leg/both arms in the air)

“Ice Skating”-skaters

“Dasher Deltoids”-holding weights, arms extended out like a “T” and make small circles with armsIMG_7842.JPG

“Dancer Deadlifts”- deadliftsIMG_7840.JPG“Snowboard Jumps”-180 degrees hopping turns


“Nutcrackers”-Russian Twists

“Holiday Hops”-squat jumps

“Pushing Santa’s Sack”-bear crawl sliding something across the ground or floor



You could definitely get creative and think of some more moves!

What a fun way to get a good holiday workout in? And, great for the whole family!

So, let’s go burn off some NOG!



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