It’s Chinese New Year: Let’s Make Some Stir-Fry


Happy Chinese New Year!  Here is the way I stir fry my rice.  I usually add veggies and any protein I have on hand.  But today, in honor of Lent, I am making this vegetarian.   Continue reading “It’s Chinese New Year: Let’s Make Some Stir-Fry”


What I Am Loving Lately

IMG_4536IMG_4535I thought I would share a few things I am loving lately.  A few might not be anything new or special to you, but apparently, I am behind the times with some of these things. Continue reading “What I Am Loving Lately”

It’s A Candy Kind of Day: Let’s Talk Sugarfina!


Hayley introduced me to Sugarfina on my birthday by surprising me with a bag of Sugarfina Surprises! I LOVED IT!!

So, earlier in October, when we took a trip to Dallas, Hayley and I hit it on a trip to Northpark Mall. Continue reading “It’s A Candy Kind of Day: Let’s Talk Sugarfina!”

Making Of A Mardi Gras Float


Rourke and I are in our second year as members of the largest, single-parading Mardi Gras Krewes in the state of Louisiana.  We joined as a bucket-list type of thing year before last, but had so much fun, we decided to keep our membership up. Continue reading “Making Of A Mardi Gras Float”