Farmer’s Market Lunch de Jour

fullsizeoutput_3fe4.jpegHave you heard of a “flexitarian diet?”  With a new study coming out about white and dark meat sources both raising LDL cholesterol levels, this leaves a plant-based diet your best bet health-wise.

With that said, we are focusing on mainly plant-based meals in our household lately.  Not to say, we are eliminating all meats, but we are cutting down significantly on them.  Thus, the term “flexitarian” comes to fruition.

Recently visiting the local farmer’s market, I picked up some local fresh veggies.  I kind of went a little bit overboard and bought probably too much for just two people.  So, I had to come up with a lunch to kind of clean out the fridge before everything went bad. Continue reading “Farmer’s Market Lunch de Jour”