Hidden Gems Of SB

IMG_4208.JPGSince Hayley has been working at her new job, she has had the opportunity to discover some great places to shop or dine that maybe locals might not know about.  I thought it would be cool to showcase some of these places once a month in a “Hidden Gem” series here at the LL.

So, this month we are showcasing three places...C&C Electric, 318 Art & Garden, and Moor. Continue reading “Hidden Gems Of SB”

Healthy Dinner for One

IMG_4142.JPGSo I am officially in “Beach Mode.”  That’s about a month before R and I head to the beach.  I’m throwing out the Easter candy, ice cream, and all things bad for me.

With R traveling so much, I sometimes don’t feel like getting out pots and pans just for me, myself and I.  So, I have been trying to dish up some easy recipes that are also on the healthy side. Continue reading “Healthy Dinner for One”

Yoga Poses for Pains

IMG_4105.JPGI have several requests each week at my fitness classes for stretches that help a certain pain or ache.  I find yoga stretches really help when it comes to a particular ache, especially if it is muscular.

Here are a few of my favorite stretches for the common complaints I hear about. Continue reading “Yoga Poses for Pains”