Marriage From the Trenches

IMG_4373.JPGBeing together 27 years and married 28 years both in June, Rourke and I have been through a lot together. Continue reading “Marriage From the Trenches”


Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed


We have a tradition in our house that you always get breakfast in bed for your birthday.  The birthday recipient gets to choose what he or she would like to eat.

I thought for a change, I would indulge Rourke with some of his favorites with breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day.   Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed”

Valentine’s Outfits: His and Hers


I mentioned in Friday’s post that Rourke and I will be dining at Salt , the new restaurant adjacent to our city’s new aquarium.  The Valentine’s special includes a complimentary glass of champagne as we walk through the aquarium prior to dining in the restaurant. Continue reading “Valentine’s Outfits: His and Hers”