Healthy Football Party Apps


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Are you looking for some yummy snacks to watch all the football on this weekend?  But you also don’t want to break the bank in calorie consumption?

Well, I have scoured the internet and some of my fave blogs for you and found you just that!! HEALTHY APPETIZERS THAT DON’T TASTE THAT WAY!!

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It’s Game Day: What to Wear???




Are you always looking for that next-level outfit for your game day experience, whether its at a party or at the actual game?  I am!  I want to represent my team but still look like I have some kind of fashion sense.  I have for you here a few options. Continue reading “It’s Game Day: What to Wear???”

Cocktail Attire (Plus Tips)


Cocktail attire!


When the dress code on an invitation reads “cocktail attire,” this means for men, a dark suit (charcoal or black) with a tie.  For women, it means a short (above knee) dress for women or even a dressy blouse and pants.  It means less dressy than formal and much more casual than black-tie.
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