Oscar Night Nibbles: Lobster Nachos


Do you watch the Oscars?  We always enjoy a good awards show, but I think the Oscars is our all-time favorite.

I have only seen one of the nominees this year, but hope to catch up and watch all of the contenders.

It’s always fun to whip up something a little extravagant to eat while watching.  It makes it a little red carpet-like without leaving the house. Continue reading “Oscar Night Nibbles: Lobster Nachos”

Our Friends’ and Family’s Fave Restaurants: New Orleans


I saw on Facebook recently where a friend was asking for dinner recommendations for New Orleans.  I didn’t even respond, because there ARE SO MANY GOOD PLACES! So, you definitely have to narrow it down to neighborhood and your choice of cuisine. Continue reading “Our Friends’ and Family’s Fave Restaurants: New Orleans”