Sugar-free,Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

fullsizeoutput_4299.jpegCan I please retract my comment a couple of posts back on how cooler the temps are here???

It’s officially HOT!!! Meaning, like hotter than a stolen stuffed jalapeno pepper!

And, I am now in serious need of something to cool me down!! I’m screaming for some ice cream!!! Continue reading “Sugar-free,Vegan Coffee Ice Cream”

Homemade “Lunchables” That Your Kids Can Make

fullsizeoutput_4238.jpegIt seems surreal that I am not going back to school soon.  Usually by now, I have been working in my classroom, ironing outfits and meal-prepping.  I guess it will finally sink in when I see my first school bus picking up at the corner.

Over my 25 years of teaching, I have witnessed a many a lunch from home.  I have seen just about everything.  Mostly, for convenience-sake, I realize, I saw many, many bought “lunchables.” Continue reading “Homemade “Lunchables” That Your Kids Can Make”