Cleaning Out 101


There is something about starting the year off by cleaning out and purging.  When I do this, I feel more productive, because I am not spending extra time trying to find things.  In turn, it makes me less anxious, because I am not running late for a class or appointment.

I have already started in the kitchen at our house, and WOW!  One cabinet in and I am a new person. Continue reading “Cleaning Out 101”

A Menagerie Of New Year’s Posts


I hope you all enjoyed Christmas with your family and friends. We had the best Christmas here at the Smith household, sharing it with Erin, Hayley, my mother and Chris.

As we are putting things away and gearing up for NYE, we are reflecting on how so many things have changed in our lives in the year 2019. Continue reading “A Menagerie Of New Year’s Posts”